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Our domain search makes it easy to find domains in some of the most popular top-level domains (TLDs) including .COM, .NET, .ORG and more. To get started, simply enter your domain name idea in the domain search bar above and in seconds you’ll be able to see which TLDs it’s available in.

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Domain Prices

TLD Years Register Transfer Renew
.co.ke 1 Ksh 900 Ksh 0 Ksh 900
.info.ke 1 Ksh 900 Ksh 0 Ksh 900
.ac.ke 1 Ksh 900 Ksh 0 Ksh 900
.ke 1 Ksh 3000 Ksh 0 Ksh 3000
.com 1 Ksh 1000 Ksh 1100 Ksh 1100
.net 1 Ksh 1350 Ksh 1350 Ksh 1350
.org 1 Ksh 900 Ksh 1400 Ksh 1400
.info 1 Ksh 350 Ksh 1550 Ksh 1550
.biz 1 Ksh 1550 Ksh 1550 Ksh 1550
.xyz 1 Ksh 150 Ksh 1200 Ksh 1200
.blog 1 Ksh 900 Ksh 2600 Ksh 2600
.tech 1 Ksh 1100 Ksh 1100 Ksh 1300
.co 1 Ksh 2700 Ksh 2700 Ksh 2700