Hosting Reseller Agreement


HOST PRO LTD is a privately owned Company (hereafter referred to as the Service Provider)

This is an agreement between yourself, your organization (hereafter referred to as the Reseller)

By use of the Service Providers services you agree to comply with the Service Provider Reseller Agreement.

This agreement will automatically renew for the same successive period(s) specified by the Reseller on the initial order. This agreement will renew every month unless canceled via fax, e-mail prior to the renewal date and, in the case of fax or e-mail, after receipt of the reconfirmation. Renewal of services by Client indicates agreement to Contract revisions.

The Service Provider may from time to time change the terms and conditions on this agreement without prior notice.


Reseller, Master and Alpha Reseller Packages. The Services available for resale may not include all of the Services that we offer for sale. The  Reseller Program allows you to resell cPanel Shared Hosting accounts to your own customers with hard disk space and bandwidth limitations. The Master Reseller Program allows you to resell cPanel Shared Hosting accounts and create resellers with hard disk space and bandwidth limitations. The Alpha reseller program allows you to resell cPanel shared accounts, Resellers and Master resellers with hard disk space and bandwidth limitations.

3. Support

Resellers are entirely responsible for providing technical support to all resold accounts or services hosted under the reseller’s account.

The Service Provider will not entertain the provision of support for resold accounts and should The Service Provider become aware of such a once off non compliance penalty of Ksh 1,000.00 shall be charged to the Reseller’s account per incident.

4. Financial Arrangements

Resellers are responsible for collection of payment for their resold accounts, and any default of payment for resold services cannot be passed to The Service Provider.

The reseller may not delay or default on payment to the Service Provider in the event that it has not collected payment from its resold account holder or the resellers client.

The Service Provider shall not be held liable for any taxes or other fees to be paid in accordance with or related to purchases made from Reseller for The Service Provider’s services. Reselles agree to take full responsibility for all taxes and fees of any nature associated with such product or service sold.

5. Domain Name Registrant Specific

The Service Provider does not entertain “domain squatting” nor domain name hijacking.

The reseller agrees to register all domain names under their account to the registered and legal “registrant”. The reseller agrees not to withhold any domain name, nor prevent any party from transferring a domain name to the registrants Registrar of choice.

The reseller agrees that in the event that the Registrant files a complaint with the Kenya Network Information Centre Registry (KENIC), Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), or Domains Dispute Tribunal, that the Reseller will take immediate action to remedy to complaint and will be liable for any penalties, loss of income, client-attorney fees or attorneys fees related to such complaint.

6. Domain Registration and Transfer

The Service Provider provides reseller domain registration and transfer services. The reseller agrees to ensure that all hosted accounts are correctly setup prior to requesting The Service Provider to register or transfer any domains. The Service Provider may not be held responsible or liable for delays in conjunction with this service

7. Competency

Use of The Service Provider’s reseller services requires a minimum level of IT.& ISP related experience such as : Internet languages, protocols, and software. This level of knowledge varies depending on the anticipated use and desired content of Client’s web space by the Client.

Resellers should maintain a fundamental understanding of The Service Provider’s products, services, and features offered within its reseller web hosting services.

Resellers are expected to have a solid understanding of relevant Internet related technologies including, but not limited to DNS, HTML, diagnosing, FTP, Telnet, basic server-side scripting languages, and e-mail services.

The Reseller agrees that he or she has necessary knowledge to utilize The Service Provider’s service without reliance on The Service Provider’s support.

The responsibility to provide this knowledge or Customer Support outside of the defined service of The Service Provider is solely the Resellers responsibility.

The reseller agrees to self diagnose all issues reported by its clients until such time that he or she has exhausted all options before requesting The Service Provider to investigate and resolve such issues.

In the event that an issue is resolved by The Service Provider where the reseller has not investigated or taken necessary steps to diagnose such issues, or the reseller is able to resolve such issues without any support from the Service Provider,  The Service Provider may charge to the resellers account in accordance with the Fees Schedule.

8. Password Policies

Resellers are advised to educate their clients about the importance of secure passwords, in particular E-Mail and FTP passwords. In the event of an account being compromised due to weak passwords, the reseller assumes and accepts all liability for such account and where applicable, any related penalties and fees shall be charged to the Reseller’s account.

9. Modification

The Service Provider reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of this Policy at any time without notice.

Last Revised: 2022-07-12